Doubt is Just a Program

With St. Germain

Do You Doubt Yourself?

When you are at a place where you are ready to make a step toward freedom, when you are poised to embody more of your infinite being self, and especially are choosing to offer your unique gift to the world… the Old Energy puts up a “Stop Sign”. Suddenly you doubt yourself and your gift. Doubt is not an emotion. It is a mental program that is designed to knock you off of your path. It is like a suddenly appearing Stop Sign that swings toward your car as you drive along the road to your true expression of YOU. If you think back to previous times when you experienced doubt, you will see that you were contemplating a move forward in a better place in your life right as doubt smacked you with it’s Stop Sign.

The Stop Sign is designed to custom match your places of weakness and previous self-doubt. It is very sneaky. Remember that self-doubt is not real. Don’t believe it! When doubt pops up, imagine it as a sign in the road trying to convince you that you are not good enough. Then notice that the sign has no post connecting it to the ground. It is not a real part of your truth. Destroy the Doubt Sign however works best for you. You can smash it, burn it or toss it into the Uncreate Wormhole. Then take a deep breath and keep moving.

Note: Truth is light and expansive. Doubt is very heavy, so it is not the truth.

A New Way of Perceiving the Past

The cosmic tides are pushing us to revisit and heal our core wounds. You may be confronting ancient personal experiences that shaped you in a fundamental way. This is an opportunity to release on a deeper level.

Example: You may have forgiven your mother for not loving you. You understand that she did the best she could and are aware of the ways you were wounded and how that historically caused you to self-sabotage in some ways. You have cleared all the emotions in relationship to this. Until now, this was the best that you could do.

You can’t change the past, right?   Wrong!

Now you have a new experience. You realize the your mother did love you, very much. You can now see all the ways that she showed you her love. She didn’t really get you, but she did everything she knew how to give you what you needed. And now you are able to FEEL the love. You are no longer someone who has healed a wound, you are un-wounded. This is a completely life changing experience.

This process requires that you are vulnerable, to the core. This can be very scary. You will be fragile and very sensitive. Emotions will be way up. So many people (including me) have been dealing with depression, self-doubt, grief and hopelessness. The old hurts coming up so we can clear them in a way we couldn’t before. They will cease to exist so they don’t need healing.

Be gentle with yourself and others. Everyone is feeling the core wound energy even if they is not able to “change their history” at this time.

The ultimate result of this experience is, of course personal freedom. But it also is a huge step out of the illusion of the Earth Game reality. When you know that your wounds are not real outside of the game, know this not as a mental concept, but really FEEL IT on a “gut level”, then you have changed your game. The identity you have created based on the wounds no longer exists. There will be potentials opening based on this game change that are really amazing. St. Germain has arrived and has a few words to share with you.

From St. Germain:

“There are many programs to the Earth Game. Once these programs are recognized and examined they have less and less control over you, until they don’t influence you at all. Some are easier to investigate and clear because they don’t have negative emotions intertwined in them. When you are hurt in your life, there are always negative emotions associated with it. This is especially powerful in your core wound. For this reason, you try to avoid examining them.

When people do past-life regressing what first comes up are the victim lifetimes. Yes, it is emotionally painful to remember these experiences, but at least it wasn’t your fault! The courageous ones will eventually explore their perpetrator lifetimes. This shadow work is very powerful indeed.

Examining your core wound is shadow work. There is always a victim energy there. Yes, you may clear the emotions (cry and scream), you may be very spiritually correct and “understand” that they were wounded by their parent(s) too and so forgive them. But it isn’t cleared until you no longer feel like a victim, until you no longer feel like you were wounded. Like Sarah wrote, you have to really feel it, not just think it.

This stuff is not so fun, but you can’t get to the really fun stuff until you do this work. Do you want to break free from other programs, like the ones that prevent you from flying or trans-locating? Victims don’t fly. If you still feel hurt, you are still in the identity that believes it is possible that you can be hurt or even killed. That is a human perspective. Your Greater Self knows differently. If you want to experience life from a light, free and fun perspective you have to dump the heaviest stuff first. Since truth is always light and expansive, the heavy stuff is not true.

There are many of us who have figured this out and are here to support you in your transformation. We want you to come play with us! And many of you already cleared all your karma (another program) and chose to come back and take on stuff that wasn’t yours, especially the family dysfunctions, and clear it from the biological line so others can be born into families that don’t have the dysfunction. Did you just get a click, goose bumps or feel a breeze when you read that? Bingo! That’s your signal that you are one of them. Now that you know that “it” wasn’t yours in the first place, you can let it go, just like that!”


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4 thoughts on “Doubt is Just a Program

  1. Sarah,
    Thank-you….This is right on time. I am going thru a severe darkness and doubt and really appreciate you explaining what it is and how to deal with it. I knew in me that the whole victim/victimizer mentality had to be stripped before I–any of us can move on to something lighter, it seems such a part of me that I know isn’t me–I know isn’t anyone. But my God it is an ingrained program. I am so looking forward to Sunday and your monthly seminar. Thank-you for being here with your awareness and wisdom. You really explain what I cannot put into words but feel intensely. I hope all is well. In peace, Valerie

  2. Wow Sarah…..Thank you…..totally TOTALLY relate to everything you have written. Bless you for sharing this. With love and heartfelt gratitude, Frances x

  3. Very powerful and timely thank you, Sarah. Doubt is seriously causing me to stutter in what I’m doing which is sooooo frustrating. I’m going to try a bit of shadow work when the kids aren’t around. Thank you again. xxx

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