Cosmic Tides: Venus Retrograde

VenusVenus is going retrograde today, July 25th, after a long stay in the Leo energies of radical self-love, Venus took a step into Virgo (the priestess), right there with the star Regulus which is the king star.  That is a lot of “whoo hoo” right there.  Added to this is that while Venus (backing into Leo) is re-evaluating her sense of self-love, self-worth and relationships, she is connecting with Jupiter (again), Mercury, the Sun and Mars.  Also, by the end of this weekend there will be six celestial bodies in retrograde (turning inward and reevaluating).  Other than Venus, we have Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus and Chiron.

               ChironChiron in Pisces           Pisces

Chiron has been in Pisces continuously since February 2011.  Chiron has some affinity with Pisces through the connection to suffering.  Pisces, in its negative pole, is willing to sacrifice itself (to suffer) to help others.  Chiron, as the “wounded healer” is unable to avoid suffering because he has a “wound that can not be healed”.  Accessing the negative side of this combination can lead to martyrdom and victimhood.  There is, however, another potential with this combination.  If we realize that Chiron is there to help heal Pisces and visa versa this can play out differently.  To me, Pisces is a very spiritual sign embodying compassion and empathy.  Everyone carries some kind of “wound”; a part of themselves that is not “perfect”.  Pisces offers the non-judgmental understanding that creates the safe space of spontaneous healing that is needed.

The suffering in the negative pole of Pisces is due to over giving, giving selflessly.  This kind of giving is fueled by the need for love and connection.  So the ultimate wound of Pisces is feeling unloved and not connected.  This is the pain of separation from Spirit/Creator.  Chiron is the only healer that can really understand the Pisces wound, and so is the one who can ultimately heal it.

Chiron will be in Pisces (going through several retrogrades) until April of 2018.  This core wound will be brought up for healing for more than two more years.  We have time…
What does this all mean?

Be ready for a lot of “re” things, looking back again: reevaluating, rethinking (more re-feeling), remembering, rehashing.  Don’t forget that relationship is a “re” word.  It is a rather intense period of looking at our relationships; with self, with spouse/lover, with family, with friends and with Creator, etc.

The end result will be having people and experiences around you that will support your feeling valuable and lovable, just because you are YOU!

Keep in mind that this probably will include releasing patterns and people who support the opposite, feeling less-than or somehow “wrong”.

Those of us who are on the vanguard of human evolution have had many opportunities to feel “wrong” and like we don’t fit in.  If these memories and/or situation arise keep in mind that the point is for you to move past them and strengthen your sense of being valuable, lovable connected and “right”.  Let the negative emotions of the past move through you, on the way OUT.  Connect with people, places and things that support you being different in a really good way.

Since the feminine energy is at the center of this transformation right now, those of us in female bodies may be feeling the intensity physically.  I know that I am!

Possible “symptoms”

Aches and pains
Can’t get to sleep
Need a lot of sleep
Digestion “off” (can’t assimilate/process the energies)
Unusual or heightened feelings of anxiety
Can’t focus
“Random” emotions like resentment, fear, frustration, hopelessness or sadness
Feeling like a “failure”
Communication with others is all messed up; including accidentally deleted messages,    undelivered emails, etc.
The more that you allow yourself time to feel (release) emotions and to support your bodies need for “down time” in order to handle the changes, the quicker you will get through the gunk and out the other side to…

Feeling self-love on a huge, unshakable level
Knowing that you are valuable, exactly as you are
Having relationships that support the “true you”
Feeling connected to and in communication with your body on a whole new level
Embracing the “juicy” life-force/sexual energy that keeps you young, “turned on to life”,    very attractive to other people and attracting beauty and abundance

Maybe it is worth it… do you think???  😉

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  1. Sarah, my higher guidance kept insisting that I understand Chiron. I was directed to your site to listen to the last free webinars and then I saw this article. All I can say is WOW!!! I just found out that my Chiron is in Pisces….and this is exactly what I’ve been going thru for the last 2 years. Self love is the answer and I got that i also get that I have until 2018 to get thru all this healing, I’m so exhausted already. It will be interesting to see the end result of all this clearing… Oh my. I do like sex part tho…..Ha! If only I could find a heart-center man.

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