Breaking Free From the Earth Game

The Earth GameSince July 2011 we have been assimilating the intense energies that came in June, through the third eclipse on July 1st. The New Earth made a jump in frequency. I see the Old Earth and the New Earth as being overlapped, but gradually moving apart. During June and the beginning of July the New Earth made a quick energetic movement away from the Old Earth. In response to this movement the Old Reality and the people who have chosen to stay in the Old Reality initiated a “Changeback”. Harriet Lerner first used this term in her wonderful book The Dance of Anger. When two people are in an unhealthy relationship (dance) and one person makes a change, the other person usually tries to get them to change back. An example would be a mother who constantly complains about her husband to her daughter. The daughter listens, gives advice (which is never followed, of course) and basically flows energy to the mother. The problem is that the mother doesn’t really want to change. She wants to complain and get lots of sympathy and attention. If the daughter stops playing her part in this dance the mother will increase her pressure on the daughter, saying things to make her daughter feel bad (shame) about not caring enough about her etc. This is the “changeback”.

The Old Energy is doing a “changeback” on the New Energy. They want to pull us back into the Old Earth Game of emotional drama and feeling bad about ourselves. A perfect example of this was something that my friend Richard saw on the television news recently. There was a big clock and sign behind the anchorman that read, “Countdown to Crisis!” It was about how many days, hours and minutes the US had to come up with some kind of federal budget. We are being bombarded with a feeling like there is an upcoming crisis and we are not prepared to handle it nor can we control it.

This feeling will manifest differently in different people, depending on each person’s personal history and their “buttons” (reactive, sensitive spots). Some possibilities include:

Will I have enough money to pay the rent or mortgage, bills etc. in the future?

Will I be healthy? Could the symptoms I’m having be really serious?

Am I going to be able to take care of my children/parents/pets?

Everyone else seems to be “getting it’ better than me. Am I going to be left behind?

Pretty much every day for the last few weeks I’ve been hit with these feelings of anxiety and apprehension about the future. It got hold of me once and I had this strong fear that I was going to do something, or not do something that would lead to the death of one or all of my children. What an awful feeling. It was not logical, but it was there just the same.

I’ve been staying very conscious and every time I notice the beginning of that feeling, I stop, take a few conscious breaths and say, “That is not mine and I’m not taking it on!” If I catch it quickly enough then I can clear it within a few minutes. If my mind has already started to fill in the thoughts (unhappy memories and/or potential bad future scenarios) that match that feeling, then I have to take some time and work on it.

Once you have “made it yours” you have to work with it as if it really is yours. This means feeling the emotions to release them from your system. Once you have lowered the intensity of the emotion(s) then you can clear the thoughts and beliefs that went with it.

Over and over I’m being told to “Remember who you are.” This reminds me that I am not only the little human who is living in these difficult transition times. I am also my Greater Self. This is why I created the guided meditation, Journey to your Greater Self, to help you to remember who YOU are.

Journey to your Greater Self

The challenge right now is to stay conscious – to choose to not join in the drama and upset, knowing it is just the Old Energy Earth Game trying to pull you back in. Though the “invitation” might seem compelling, it is important to not get caught up in other people’s stories or dramas.

You’ve heard about Public Relations Firms. Every actor has a PR person to make them look good to the public. There’s another thing called Perception Management or PM. The Department of Defense even defines perception management in one of its manuals. There’s a fascinating novel about this called The Whole Truth by David Baldacci. PMs don’t spin the truth, they create facts and sell them to the world as truth. This is done to manipulate the population. In the book the multi-billionaire manufacturer of weapons and military plane hires a PM firm to reactivate the cold war fear of Russia. He doesn’t want to create an actual war, because that isn’t what makes him a lot of money or gives him control over the world. He wants to create the fear of war, a “Countdown to crisis!”

When we are caught up in feelings of anxiety, feeling unsafe, anticipating a future crisis and feeling unable to handle the situation, it causes a disconnection between the Human Self and the Greater Self. We lose confidence and can’t receive guidance or reassurance. It takes away our ability to create and to take actions to manifest those creations. Instead we are in reaction. Basically, it makes it difficult to “remember who you are”. And remembering who you are, bringing in more of your authentic energies is what the Transformation (Ascension) is all about.

The real reason we are here, incarnated on Earth at this time is to break free of the limitations and rules of the Old Earth Game which allows us to bring more of our authentic self energy to the planet.

There are a multitude of programs and belief systems that are designed to prevent us from being who we really are. There are major programs, or overlays that affect everyone on the planet. There are cultural, religious, and family programs as well.

I really want a bumper sticker that reads “Don’t believe everything you believe!”

Below are some of the programs:

Emotional Roller Coaster – Drama and Trauma: You know this one! Other people can suck our energy and leave us exhausted. Emotions, and fear of emotions can control us, whether they are within ourselves or being passed from someone else.

Belief that we are less than and not good enough (shame goes with this one). You know… original sin and all that.

Polarity: We’re supposed to be good and focus on the light.

The Give and Take Program: If we receive a gift whether it’s a physical item or a favor, then we own that person something. Most of us want to make sure that we are not obligated to anyone so we limit what we will receive.

Struggle and Effort: We have to work hard for things. If it comes easily then it doesn’t have value. (Think about a rich person who inherited all his money compared to someone who worked hard and built a business.)

And the catch twenty-two to Struggle and Effort is the belief that if we are doing it “right” then it will all flow with ease. So if we start something and it doesn’t just manifest quickly and with no interruptions, then we think that maybe Spirit or our Greater Self or whatever doesn’t want us to do that.

We came here with lessons to be learned and karma to clear and if we do the work then everything will get better and there will be some kind of reward.

If I’m honest and in integrity, then others will treat me the same way.

I need to fit in and appear as “normal” as possible so people won’t think I’m weird, dislike me or reject me.

I need to be strong and that means not asking for help. “I should be able to do this myself.”

It is important to be a caring person.

And then, there’s all the rules about what to eat and not eat, drink and not drink, how to sleep, exercise etc.

Think of the little phrases that you’ve heard like, “The early bird catches the worm. It’s better to give than to receive. And even Big boys don’t cry.” All of these things are little programs.

Most of these programs run unconsciously. The only way to change them is to become aware of them. You must stay conscious and watch what comes up in your life.


There are four stages to change a behavioral pattern:

1. Unconscious incompetence: You are not aware that you are doing a limiting behavior.

2. Conscious incompetence: You become aware of the behavior, but are unable to change.

3. Conscious competence: You can catch the behavior and change. At first you catch it a while after you do it but with conscious practice, the window is shortened until you can stop yourself before you do the old behavior and substitute the new behavior.

4. Unconscious competence: You are using the new behavior without thinking about it.

During stages 2 and 3 you must stay aware and develop your observer, the part of you that doesn’t get caught in the drama. Be vigilant. You must train yourself to respond in a new way. This stage doesn’t last forever. Soon it will become automatic (Unconscious competence).

Also, most belief systems are held in place by negative emotions. You want to fit in so you don’t have to feel the shame and hopelessness when others judge and/or reject you. So you must be willing to feel the emotions, clearing them from your system before you can release the program or belief.

I encourage you to question your beliefs. “What if that wasn’t true? How would I feel if I didn’t have that belief? Would I treat myself and others differently? Would my life be more fun and free?

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