Ascension It’s Not What You Believe

One of the things I have been doing with people and groups recently is taking them outside of the Earth Game (electro-magnetic grid, Veils of Illusion or programmed belief systems) to feel who we really are in spirit. From there we have access to our Infinite Self (Greater Self, True Self or Oversoul). This is a profound experience to say the least.

It is always amazing to be “there” and experience the peace and stillness, a blissful feeling and the overwhelming sense of “everything is as it should be”. From there you have nothing we need to do, to clear, to fix, or to heal. You do not have to figure out how to pay the rent or heal your body or find true love. All your needs are met (or there are no needs) and you are absolutely, unquestionable loved and lovable, just because you exist and are you. You are valuable and valued, lovable and loved, now and always.

And from there our human lives appear so different. There’s no need to worry, fret, struggle or even try. It is so blatantly clear that it’s all a game, like actors on a stage, playing a role and having experience. It is also clear that everything is in perfect order; there is nothing to fix.

You feel so light and free!

This is what ascension is all about – FREEDOM!

I’ve spent a lot of time “out there”, but I certainly have human experiences of pain and limitation and fear. I must say thank you to my clients because while doing sessions or teaching a lot of my awareness or focus of self resides in my Infinite/Greater Self. I have to get out of my local human version of reality to do my work. So spending time with you, being the facilitator “forces” me to be more and more with my beloved Oversoul, Ahrazu (the Sirian Being commonly known as the Egyptian God Osiris).

You cannot see the whole forest when you are standing in the middle, “You can’t see the forest through the trees.” or to quote Albert Einstein, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” In the same way you can’t clearly see the limiting belief systems and overlays that are programmed into the Earth Game while you are inside of it. It just seems normal.

Next time you are in line at the grocery store, turn around and face backwards. How do you feel? How do people in line react? Let’s take it a bit farther, let out a big fart while smiling at the person behind you. OMG! Do you feel the embarrassment (shame)? Could you even bring yourself to do it?

Or try this… next time you are in an elevator with other people, stand with your back next to the door, facing toward the back of the elevator and look at the other people. Oh boy, you are breaking the elevator rules, especially if you talk. I did this once when I was in college. It was a fairly big elevator and there were about 10 other people in it. I stood with my back right next to the doors facing the people, made eye contact (when possible) and smiled. You would think that I was brandishing a gun! The fear was thick. I’m sure they thought I was crazy!

Almost every everything that you do is directed by the programming. If you break the rules you will be judged and feel shame and fear. Most of the time we aren’t even aware of the program. It just seems normal or respectful. Farting in public is so rude! We stay within the rules to avoid the judgments and so we don’t have to feel shame.

But how do we get programmed like this? I was in an elevator more recently and a mother came in with her son who was about 3 years old. He was fascinated by reflection in the shiny metal doors. He went up close to the doors (which were fully closed) then turned around to see how we looked compared to the reflection. He smiled and said, “Hey!” Suddenly, his mother grabbed him by the arm and jerked him away from the doors. She held him in front of her facing the doors and when he talked she shushed him. And the programming begins! The boy felt his mother’s shame (embarrassment) and her fear. He learned very well that you just don’t do that.

I ask you, what is so scary about those doors? Why do we feel so afraid to turn our back on them especially if we are close enough that they could “get us”?

And think of how long it takes to potty train children. It is only humans, and some of the animals like cats and dogs that we have taken into our homes that “hold it in to the appropriate time and place”. I have been around horses (and cleaned up after them) enough to know that they drop a load whenever just about where ever! Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting that you start pooping in your pants or anything. ☺ But think about how you would feel, the horrible shame, if you actually did! Shame and fear of shame hold the programming in place. No body wants to feel shame!

I encourage you to try the elevator experiment. Notice what it brings up in you and in the other people around you.

When I am “out there” it feels obvious that the Universe provides everything and that abundance is our natural state. So why is it so often difficult for the Old Souls to receive abundance? Being a firm believer that I will know what I need to know when I need to know it… I decided to teach a course on Abundance specifically. During a shamanic journey I traveled to the New Earth and asked to be shown what I needed to know. A building appeared in front of me, a university of sorts. I was greeted by a wise wizard-like fellow, complete with the long white beard. Over the next few weeks I went through some interesting experiences and learned a lot.

I discovered some very specific programs that affect us (and our abundance) at the very core. These programs or overlays were created to take up as far into limitation as possible so that we could experience things that are completely opposite from who we are in spirit.

I’m not one to focus on conspiracy theories and such so I hesitate to write about this. Please don’t get caught up in any drama and just think of the story as a myth that explains the Earth Game programming.

A very long time age the Humans were created by an Extra Terrestrial race. They changed the DNA and installed beliefs that created a race that served their needs. They created a slave race to mine gold, which was required for their planet-sized ship.

One of the core programs they created is: You must work to live.

It’s like you very life ends if you do not work. You can see how this is a very effective program for making hard workers. Later on when money started to be used a sub-program was installed: You must work to make money to live.

We even say that we have to “Make a living” to mean working for money!

Also within the program is the promise of a reward if we are good. One version of this is the promise of Heaven if we follow the rules of religion. This makes us strive to be “without sin” which, of course, is impossible. While Heaven and Hell are just illusions, when a person believes in them he can create that experience after death. While many people with this belief have experienced Hell, no one has ever gotten into Heaven because deep down inside they know that they have sinned, even if it was a small sin.

Within most metaphysical beliefs there still exists the promise of a reward. We are told to “stay in the light” and transmute negative emotions to love. If you keep your thoughts positive and focus on positive emotions then you will create a positive life. If you eat the correct (organic, vegan, raw etc.) diet your body will be pure and healthy. You will create a slender, beautiful, ever youthful body. All of this is within the illusion of polarity; good and bad, right and wrong. And polarity is part of the program.

We even call ourselves lightworkers! We are working to create a world of light (good and loving i.e. Heaven). The metaphysical religion I was raised in talked about creating Heaven on Earth. It’s all still within the program.

On our local metaphysical radio show recently a spiritual teacher said (I paraphrase) If you do all the things I teach you like positive intentions, meditation and the proper diet and exercise then your life will get better and easier every day.

For most of the people I know who are “awake” thing have been pretty challenging lately. It seems like the people who are less conscious are having a much easier time, more money, more health and more fun!

The ascension process is not about creating a perfect body, perfect finances or perfect relationships. It’s not about creating a perfect human. What we are doing is letting go of all that to remember who we really are outside of the programming.

Think about this… if you are really successful at creating that perfect life of health, beauty, abundance and fabulous relationships within the program then you are not very likely to break free. Why would you if it’s working so well?

If we are not lightworkers then what are we?

What are we supposed to do to ascend if not perfect ourselves?

There is nothing to do. The very desire to do something is part of the “must work to live” program. You don’t have to create a perfect reality based on the definitions of the program. You need only realize that it is already perfect, exactly as it is, right now!

You are already there! A large part of your total Being exists outside of the program. When you shift your awareness to that part you are suddenly able to see the whole “forest” instead of running from tree to tree trying to find the way out.

I have created a “path to outside”. It is like a space-time wormhole anchored on one end here on Earth and held at the other end by our Oversouls and our Spiritual Families. You are welcome to use this path. Let your imagination guide you through time and space, on the “wave” to a time and place where you are not in the Game. I hope that you enjoy the trip!