Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the intense energies right now?

Do you feel like the people around you don’t see the real you?

My hope is that this website will be a comfortable place, where you will feel your spiritual family, and know that you are safe, welcomed and understood.

UPDATE: September 14, 2017

Are you feeling it? Something is happening. This feels very different than December 21, 2012. The shift is happening on a 3-D level, not just in the spiritual realm. Things are moving fast now!

One thing that was different for me is that I didn’t get bombarded by all the 9/11 fear and anger. While this could be that I am different, but I don’t think that’s it because I never got very hooked into it in the first place. I think that so many people are aware of the B.S. of the media story that they don’t get as triggered. People are not as attracted to the rush of emotions triggered by drama/trauma anymore. The psi-ops aren’t working as well anymore. YEAH!

I know that the energy work we did last Sunday is part of the change and this makes me very happy, excited and hopeful. Let’s do it again!

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